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Strong surfactant or high alkaline shampoo (common found in shampoo as
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), especially film coat forming chemicals commonly used to make hair
smooth and easily combed such as silicone which is not easily soluble in water and does not
cleanse off easily, therefore it is deposited on to hair. This silicone deposit, not easily degradable,
will obstruct the hair pore, causing dysfunction of hair cell and hair loss when used in long term.

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Neglected :
Higher chance of hair falls
Sensitive scalp
Dry scalp
Thinner & frizzy hair

A hair care shampoo effectively cleanses your clogged follicle and yet
protects the scalp of its natural sebum to prevent hair loss. For fine and
fragile hair, to add volume to existing hair.

Active Ingredients:
Mild surfactant – To prevent irritation and harsh cleansing
Panthenol – B Complex – Soothing & humectant
Watercress (Nasturtium Officinale) Extract – Hydrating & softening effect
Witch Hazel Extract – Astringent & decongestant
Aloe Barbadensis – Cell regeneration & soothing

Cause Of Hair Loss / Fall:
Poor diet
Mineral / protein deficiency
Hormone change
Often wearing hat
Too much chemical treatment
Often tight pulling eg: ponytail

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