Halal Certification on Clara International Herbal Skincare Product by JAKIM

Malaysia is one of the most important hub for producing halal food in the world.

Jakim (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia/Islamic Development Division of Malaysia) has made perceptible contributions in the promotion & protection of Islamic ways of handing consumers products.

Halal certification examination process will cover all aspects of preparation, processing, handling, storage, transportation, cleaning and management practices. The examiner will only confer the halal status when he is fully confident and is satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt, or every aspects of the examination.

Companies in Malaysia producing halal products are well received throughout the world. Clara International is among the first in Malaysia within the beauty industry to attain a Halal certification for its range of herbal based products.

With over 27 years of proven track record in solving all kinds of skin problems, we pride ourselves as the specialist in providing a wide range of herbal skin care products that are not only halal in status, they are also natural, safe and effective for both temperate and tropical climates. As such, our products are synergistically formulated with only the finest herbal ingredients to enhance skin penetration and efficacy.

In addition, the accreditation of “Good Manufacturing Practice” status by Ministry of Health, ensures all our products are manufactured in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Thus the manufacturing of our products goes through a stringent and thorough quality control process to ensure that the end product is of the highest & finest in quality…

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