HFS Diamond – 5D (Timeless Beauty)


Scrub           x 5tubes   10ml
Mask           x 1tubes   100ml
Massage Oil x 5bottles 5ml
Serum          x 5bottles 5ml

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Refilling moisture to ensure a longer lasting glow of the skin
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Brightens and smoothen out skin color
Returning the firmness of the skin
Younger supple looking skin

Active Ingredients:

Nanodiamond – As a carrier to transport sirtuin
Sirtuin (protein) – Promotes cell survival and biochemical reaction
Diamond Sirts – Protect and repair DNA & anti-oxidation
XpertMoist – High moisturizing and regenerating effect.
Help in penetration of active ingredients.
Hyaluronic Filling Sphere – Water retaining capacity to smoothen wrinkles